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Why Priory K9

Who We Are!

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Why a Protection Dog?

Ever question as to why someone would want or even consider a Personal Protection Dog?

PK9 Training and Kennels welcomes you to our website.  We are honored that you have decided to include us in your search to find a training solution for your canine partner and family member.  

We are experienced in many areas of canine training.  From teaching your family pet to sit, stay, come to personal protection, scent detection and tracking.  We are sure to provide you with the training solutions you need to have a successful relationship with your four legged family member or your departmental partner.

With our vast network of professional trainers we are positive that there is no area of contention that we cannot overcome with your training expectations.

Owner/Training Director


Who’s a good dog? YOURS CAN BE!

Our Team

Andrew Collins

Owner/Training Director, is a US Naval Law Enforcement veteran and patriot. He developed his admiration for working dogs when he was assigned to the different units responsible for searching the ships when returning stateside. He also worked closely with the K-9 Units from the Cabarrus County Sheriff, Kannapolis PD and ATF while serving as Chief of Public Safety at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Having maintained his passion for several years, Andrew sought to learn how to first become an effective handler, which later led him into becoming a trainer. Although many trainers have “their” way, and all believe that their way is best, Andrew sought to learn different techniques assuming, and correctly so, that all dogs are NOT created equal.

For the last eleven years Andrew has been studying and learning how to be a top-notch trainer. He has honed in on his successful training techniques from multiple Master Trainers throughout the Carolinas. Andrew believes that teaching the owners/handlers is as important as training the dog, and that this “sharing of knowledge” leads to better trained dogs and handler/owners.

Andrew said, “Networking with different trainers has proven to be the reason I feel confident in my abilities to succeed in this industry.” A customer server at heart, Andrew and his wife Lyndsay, look forward to growing and expanding their business while also supporting their local church and the members of their local community.

Andy head shot
Lyndsay Head shot

Lyndsay Collins

Co-Owner/Trainer, comes from a long line of hard workers and customer servers.  Her “can do” attitude has allowed her to start working/training her first working dog.  Lyndsay not only has high spirits about growing the business, but also maintains those high spirits about learning the ways of a successful trainer.  Her willingness to get her hands dirty will prove to be a great asset as Priory K9 Training grows.

Guys, do not let her name fool you, she is tough in both mind and body. Lyndsay is anxiously waiting her turn to learn how to be a proper decoy for the protection dogs, something that many men would not take on. Lyndsay is currently learning the tricks of the trade and will be hosting a group beginner class in the near future.

Team Hunter

K9 Hunter is believed to be a Aussie Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix. Originally discovered by a Craigslist ad “Puppies Need Rehomed or Going to the Pound,” Hunter was purchased for $60. At a young age Hunter began training and is now a well-known personal protection dog, tracking, and scent detection K9 in the SC Region.

Hunter is a good natured dog, and is often used for demonstrations and helping with other dogs that may show signs of dog to dog aggression. Don’t let his size and face fool you, when on command Hunter throws everything he’s got into his training, and no bad guy is safe with Hunter around.


Team Pixar

Pixar is a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and was an owner surrendered to us. He is trained as a protection dog that knows his job and does it well. This dog is as awesome to work with as he is handsome. He guards our indoor facility which is his main job and who needs a driveway chime when Pixar can hear them coming before they even turn into the driveway?

MUFON head shot

Team Mufon

MUFON (MOO-FON) is Priory’s latest addition to the family. This girl is as smart as she is gorgeous. MUFON loves every human and every dog she meets. She is perfect for helping those shy dogs come out of their shell as she teaches them how to have confidence no matter what size. MUFON is often used to show how to reinforce training techniques once the training dogs are returned home and almost every client falls in love with her at first glance.

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