We try to make your dog’s stay with us a fun and exciting place. If your dog is friendly with other dogs, they often experience a “day care” environment and are assigned to playgroups. We don’t want them sitting around in a kennel, we want them to receive attention from our staff, walks and exercise at no additional charge to you. Your dog will be safe in our hands.

Our kennels are indoors and climate controlled. Our kennel staff will ensure that your dog has a clean place to lay his/her head at night. We do not charge extra for the playtime like some other boarding facilities. We want to treat your dog like we would want our dogs to be treated.

Please take a moment to fill out a boarding request form below as we fill up quickly.

Nightly Rate

Includes up to two feedings per day.  Any medication needing to be administered orally will be at no additional charge. This does not include any training.  Please click on the link below for boarding requirements.

Refresher Training & Boarding Combo

For those clients who have trained with us and are currently using our training system, but may not have had the time to attend refresher training sessions, we are proud to offer you another option to keep your pet in top shape. This option is not covered under the free follow ups that may have come in your training packages, but will include any boarding discounts that may have been part of the package you purchased.

The nightly rate starts at 6pm daily. On Sundays the office will be open between 4pm – 5pm for pickups or drop offs only. Our office is closed on Sundays for training. There will be no doggy day care or daily options on Saturdays or Sundays.

Boarding Requirments

  • All dogs boarding with us must be up to date on vaccinations including, but not limited to:
    • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
    • Parvo
    • Rabies
  • All dogs should not come into the kennel without, and should be treated against, parasites including, but not limited to:​
    • Worms​
    • Fleas
    • Ticks
  • If your dog shows signs of illness that could be contagious, your dog may be turned away or you may have to reschedule your visit. If you dog shows signs of illness during their stay, PK9 may attempt to have your dog treated with your permission.​ Vet treatments will be the responsibility of the owner(s).
  • Please bring enough food to last for the duration of your dog’s stay.​
  • Our premium kennel food (Victor) will be served to the dog should he/she not have enough food for the duration of their stay at a cost of $2.00 per serving. You may also choose this option if you do not want to bring your dog’s chow; however, PK9 will not guarantee against any upset stomachs or loose bowls during the time of their stay.
  • Please remove loose hanging tags prior to your dog’s drop off. These tags often become lost during playtime or social hours.
  • Please advise our staff of any allergies to food, cleaners or any other items.
  • Please advise our staff if your dog is not housebroken or has frequent accidents in their crates or kennels.
  • Although we do our best to ensure the safety of your dog, injuries may occur during training, playtime, or due to the dog’s excitement level while in the kennel reacting to the other dogs around her/him. PK9 will not be held responsible for these types accidental injuries.
  • During pickup please advise our staff if any of the items that accompanied your dog is missing. In some cases, such as toys or chew bones, these items become destroyed or lost. Send these items at your own risk.
  • If you dog is staying with us for a board & train, and has allergies, please send plenty of training treats that your dog can use. PK9 uses multiple different types of treats, but may not have the right treat for your dog’s particular allergy. Please ensure that there is enough to last several days with multiple training sessions per day.
  • Please label your medications and dosage. We DO NOT charge any fees for administering medications, but you should place the instructions and dates needed clearly enough for our staff to read and understand.

Boarding Request